Can kids tell the difference between advertisements and truth?

A recent television commercial on the small screen in India cocks a snook at general advertising practice of arrogating the most outrageous claims to products. This soft drink ad adopts the ploy of showing an ad being filmed in which a female model is shown lathering her hair with a soft drink, saying how the… [ Continue Reading ]

Tube-watching Kids Prefer Junk Food

An interesting report on the eating habits of 91 families in neighbourhoods around Washington DC, USA, has revealed a significant set of findings: children belonging to families that watch TV regularly during mealtimes go more for pizza, snack foods and soft drinks laced with caffeine, and less for fruits and vegetables. Brought out by Tufts… [ Continue Reading ]

Healing Properties of the Versatile Neem

For thousands of years, the people of India have known many uses of the neem. It has been used as a toothpaste and brush rolled into one. As an antiseptic, it prevents infection of wounds. Children with chicken pox and measles are bathed in water with neem leaves in it. New born babies are bathed… [ Continue Reading ]