Rashes on babies: From nappy rashes to Mongolian spots

New-borns have an extremely sensitive skin that often breaks into a rash at the slightest opportunity. Nappy rashes: Nappy rashes are one of the most common ailments, are characterised by an inflammation in the diaper area. Causes of nappy rashes Water, urine and/or faeces retained inside the diaper. Earlier it was thought that these rashes… [ Continue Reading ]

Constipation in children

Constipation refers to passage of small, hard, dry stools and should not be confused with infrequency of bowel movements. Causes of constipation in new born babies and infants: Breast-fed babies are rarely constipated. However, bowel habits could be quite infrequent with a baby passing stool only once in a few days. Do not get worried so… [ Continue Reading ]

Diarrhoea in children: Causes & Management

Diarrhoea can be defined by one symptom — loose stool being passed at a frequency of more than three times a day. One of the most common ailments, it afflicts children about 10 to 15 times in the first five years of life. But, sometimes you could be mistaken by diarrhoea-like symptoms. If your child… [ Continue Reading ]


Amoebiasis refers to harbouring the parasite Entamoeba histolytica with or without clinical manifestations. It is a common infection of the human gastro-intestinal tract and is quite common in India and other developing countries. Sometimes, it is also present outside the intestines and may affect the liver (liver abscess), lungs, brain, spleen and skin. Transmission Most… [ Continue Reading ]

Alternative Medicine for Worms

Papaya seeds can help get rid of intestinal worms, although modern medicines often work better. Papaya seeds must be dried in the shade, powdered and kept in a bottle. Two teaspoons of powder is mixed with a glass of milk. Drink this at bedtime. Repeat for three consecutive days. Or, papaya ‘milk’ that comes out… [ Continue Reading ]