Diet for the Breastfeeding Mother

After months of looking forward to her birth, your baby is finally with you. But you also feel it’s high time you got back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. Hold on! Now you are breastfeeding and the baby depends on you for all her nutrition and growth. It is your responsibility to ensure that you take… [ Continue Reading ]

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Cramps in the calf muscle, thigh and feet are common during pregnancy. They usually happen at night in the last trimester. The pain shoots down from the calf to the foot, making the calf muscles taut and very painful. They may feel tender for several hours or even for two to three days, making walking… [ Continue Reading ]

Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation is caused by the secretion of the pregnancy hormone, progesterone, which makes the body supple. As a result, the intestine relaxes and loses its power to propel its contents towards the rectum. What to do Increase your fluid intake. Try drinking at least three litres of fluids every day. Include a reasonable amount of… [ Continue Reading ]

Eating Disorders in Children

The feeding problems of infancy or early childhood include: Anorexia Regurgitation Pica Anorexia Of all behaviour problems anorexia is most common in children. But it can be easily prevented and cured. A mother’s most common complaint is that the child does not eat anything. The mother says she has tried everything to make him eat…. [ Continue Reading ]

Iron and Vitamin Tablets during pregnancy

The requirement of iron and vitamins increases during pregnancy and the effort should be to get these naturally by the addition of iron and vitamin rich foods to your diet. After all, the word ‘vitamin’ was invented only in 1912. Most doctors do, however, prescribe some iron and vitamin tablets during pregnancy to ensure adequate… [ Continue Reading ]