We have created a set of parenting tools that you might find useful. This set of interactive tools and utilities for parents and for to-be parents, include baby name finder, immunization scheduler, week by week fetal development and more…

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Baby Name Finder

baby-namesFinding a name for baby can be fun, especially if there’s some help around. With this list of baby names, you can search baby names by alphabet, look for baby boy or baby girl names by sound (or alphabet), and if you like you can also find Indian baby name by meaning. [ Baby Name Finder  ]

Week-by-week Pregnancy Calendar

pregnancy-calendarLike all expectant parents you must be curious to know what your baby looks like right now, and what should you expect from the baby and from your own self. This calendar of pregnancy stages will take you through and explain each stage of your pregnancy. [ Pregnancy Calendar  ]

Immunization Schedule For India

healthcareVaccination schedules vary from country to country and sometimes region to region within the same country. It is important to consult your doctor and get your baby immunisation for infectious diseases. We present a recommended schedule for Indian babies. [ Immunization Schedule For India  ]
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First Aid for Kids

A house with a child needs to always ready for emergencies. Here is a list of some emergency first aid suggestions. These articles have been compiled in consultation with doctors and care has been taken to ensure accuracy, but situations differ; it is best to consult a doctor. [ First Aid for Kids  ]

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

If you know the starting date of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) we can predict the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD). Pregnancy (or gestation) is generally calculated as 40 weeks, even though the fetus generally spends about 38 weeks in the womb. That is because pregnancy is counted from the first day of the Last Menstrual Period (LMP), not the date of conception which typically occurs two weeks later. [ Pregnancy Due Date Calculator  ]