AHA! Books

An individual booklist is found to reflect the compiler’s own interests and biases. To that extent this booklist does not lay claim to any objectivity. It contains some extremely fine books on education, popular science, maths and children’s stories. Over the years, I have been actively involved in translating and popularising many of these books…. [ Continue Reading ]

Snake People

The Snakes Around Us Written by Zai and Rom Whitaker Illustrations by Shekar Dattatri Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi This fascinating book gives us glimpses of the lives of the Irula tribals of Tamil Nadu, who are great snake catchers. The authors, who run a snake park in south India, have worked with… [ Continue Reading ]

The Nest

Common Birds Written by Salim Ali and Laeeq Futehally Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi Think of birds and you think of Dr. Salim Ali, India’s most famous ornithologist. He is the scientist who succeeded in communicating his passion for studying bird life in India to the ordinary Indian. Generations of Indians have grown… [ Continue Reading ]

Hamid Buys an Eid Present

Festival of Eid English translation of ‘Eidgah'(Hindi) Written by Munshi Premchand Translated by Khushwant Singh Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi Translated by the veteran columnist and writer, Khushwant Singh, Festival of Eid retains the compelling essence of the original work. This well illustrated book tells the story of Eid, as it is celebrated… [ Continue Reading ]