Tips for traveling with kids

Beat boredom: Take along plenty of games and toys which your child can play with in a bus, train, car or plane. Magnetic boards that double up as blackboards are great. So are small 4 to 6-piece puzzles. Crayons and felt-pens are great for do-anywhere, anytime activities. Remember to take along plenty of used-on-one-side-only paper… [ Continue Reading ]

The Importance of Play in children’s lives

Play and play materials are part of the basic needs of all children. If your child has enough stuff to play with, half your problems connected to the child are solved. It would keep him occupied and prevent boredom. A bored child develops a bad temper and becomes irritable. Thus toys are of great importance… [ Continue Reading ]

A ‘Mela’ theme party for the kids

Theme: Mela Mention a village ‘mela’ or fair and see the glint in children’s eyes! After all, there is so much excitement about visiting different stalls, taking a ride on camels and horses and, of course, eating mouthwatering food. So why not create a mela ambience for the next children’s party, provided you have access… [ Continue Reading ]

Primary Students on the Web

Ms. VaReane Heese, an American teacher, shares her experiences about using the Internet either in the classroom or as an active tool in the learning/teaching process. When our district was considering a technology adoption, one school board member was definitely for the purchase of computers and all the connections. However, he was definitely against placing… [ Continue Reading ]