Breakfast: Is it Really Important?

I have a friend, Lisa, who is always cajoling her 13-year-old daughter, Maria, to have one healthy meal in a day. Maria’s constant refrain, however, is that she is never hungry. To make matters worse, she ignores breakfast completely. Some months ago, not only did Maria develop severe headaches, her performance in school showed a… [ Continue Reading ]

What matters is not the quantity but the quality of time we devoted to our children

Educationists say that over 60% of a child’s grooming and personality building happens at home. Parents say it is the school, which influences character building. While the debate goes on, millions of children go through their lives crossing thresholds of infancy, childhood and adolescence, taking parental non-indulgence (note we are not saying indifference) for granted…. [ Continue Reading ]

English and English only

The English language seems to have returned with a bang. One can see a marked difference in countries towards the language, from across different parts of the world. In the third week of June, the government of West Bengal announced that it has decided to reintroduce English as the language of instruction from Class I,… [ Continue Reading ]

Travelling to School

Across the world, every morning school-going children get on a bus and head for school. A perfectly normal activity, you might say. Except that nowhere is the need for a safe transport system more evident than in India. With a burgeoning population of more than one billion, and few laws or regulations to keep children… [ Continue Reading ]