Ready Reckoner for parents who want to travel with children

Children are wonderful travel companions. They are curious, enthusiastic and adventurous. They carry no intellectual baggage. Their eyes look at everything with that wonderful curiosity which makes a sky look blue, a leaf green and a kingfisher such a magnificent bird to watch. I have a 10-year-old daughter, Megha. I have been travelling with her… [ Continue Reading ]

Tips for traveling with kids

Beat boredom: Take along plenty of games and toys which your child can play with in a bus, train, car or plane. Magnetic boards that double up as blackboards are great. So are small 4 to 6-piece puzzles. Crayons and felt-pens are great for do-anywhere, anytime activities. Remember to take along plenty of used-on-one-side-only paper… [ Continue Reading ]

Make a creative holiday plan with your kids

Summer’s approaching and you don’t want to take your children to meet relatives yet again – they’re also bored with that. You’ve also been to all the beaches nearby; the hill stations around your city, including the fun parks, so now you want to give them more than that. You know that India is a… [ Continue Reading ]

The Sunderbans – Tiger’s Tale

“Which is the largest delta in the world?’ asked my 12-year-old niece, Tinku. She was ploughing though her geography holiday assignment. Sunderbans! replied my brother helpfully. The only one who was not happy with his answer was I. I wanted her to see the swamps, and the delicate ecosystem sustained by the mangrove forests there…. [ Continue Reading ]