Creativity and Education

Art: The Basis of Education Written by Devi Prasad Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi Educationist and artist, Devi Prasad graduated from Rabindranath Tagore’s school at Santiniketan. A non-violent activist, he joined the War Resisters’ International, London, as its Secretary General and later Chairman. He has taught at various universities including Viswa Bharati. He… [ Continue Reading ]

Are the Blind a Resource or a Liability?

Affected since childhood, Abraham made a habit of excelling in everything he did, be it state-level athletics in a “normal” school, college at the prestigious St Stephen’s, a productive career with advertising giants Ogilvy and Mather, or the organisation of the first ever World Cup Cricket for the Blind, in 1998. He is the recipient… [ Continue Reading ]