Immunisation – Your Path to a Healthy Life

Many of us would waive an article of immunisation as irrelevant to us — the educated, fairly affluent members of the world community. And yet, our own personal experience has shown that even educated parents often ignore new vaccines, unaware how critical they can be to their child’s health. In today’s age, when we see… [ Continue Reading ]


Dengue is caused by a virus which is usually transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus mosquitoes and could lead attacks in three forms. Classical dengue fever Dengue haemorrhagic fever with shock. Dengue haemorrhagic fever without shock. Dengue epidemics, which have affected more than 100 countries all over the world, happen in overcrowded urban… [ Continue Reading ]

Basic Health Care

The idea of health for all is attainment of a level of health that will permit all people to lead a productive life – socially, physically, mentally and economically. Unfortunately, only 10 to 20 percent of the population in developing countries have ready access to health services of any kind and enjoy all the determinants… [ Continue Reading ]

Small Pox

Fortunately, in April 1977, India was declared a small pox free country. Small pox was once a major killer throughout the world and its eradication has prevented two million deaths, a few hundred cases of blindness and 10-15 million cases of diseases. Causative Agent Small pox is an infectious disease caused by the variola virus…. [ Continue Reading ]

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E, which is known to be a water born disease, was discovered in 1990. Incubation period Usually two to nine weeks. Age group It mainly affects young adults, between 15 to 40 years. Transmission Hepatitis E thrives in hot climes where water or food is contaminated by faeces containing the virus. Symptoms Acute viral… [ Continue Reading ]


Another infectious disease like measles or chicken pox, mumps is caused by a virus which attacks mainly the glandular and nervous tissues. Although the morbidity rate tends to be high, mortality rate is negligible. Causative agent Mumps is caused by a virus called Myxovirus parotiditis. Source of infection The disease is spread by direct contact… [ Continue Reading ]

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis, which is caused by a virus called the Flavivirus, is transmitted by mosquitoes. Previously an endemic disease in Japan, China and Korea, it has now spread to South East Asia, in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Burma and Srilanka. About 85 per cent of the people affected are children less than 15 years of… [ Continue Reading ]