The Baby Cries Too Much

The cry of an infant is a signal to the world for help. Learning to distinguish between these signals is part of the process of learning to be a parent. Most of the time babies cry because they are hungry. The golden rule for the breastfeeding mother is to put the baby to her breast… [ Continue Reading ]

How do you get your Baby to sleep through the night?

While rolling over, walking and talking are important developmental landmarks for all babies, getting them to sleep through the night is a critical step forward for parents. Haven’t we all experienced this – exhausted from the tasks of the day, the moment you snuggle under covers, ready to drop off, you hear a familiar sound… [ Continue Reading ]

Average Patterns of Growth of Indian children

A baby weighs about three kilograms at birth, and loses 150-200 g in the first three to four days. After that he grows rapidly and gains about 25 to 30 g a day for the first three months and a little less rapidly after that. The widely accepted formula that a baby doubles his birth… [ Continue Reading ]

The Importance of Play in children’s lives

Play and play materials are part of the basic needs of all children. If your child has enough stuff to play with, half your problems connected to the child are solved. It would keep him occupied and prevent boredom. A bored child develops a bad temper and becomes irritable. Thus toys are of great importance… [ Continue Reading ]

Massaging the New Muscles

When the massage-woman started coming home after the delivery, I was a little taken aback. She was supposed to massage and bathe the baby and, hold your breath, the mother everyday. Though I didn’t mind removing bits and pieces of clothing to get massaged, which was actually quite painful, I did mind being bathed by… [ Continue Reading ]

Can a chubby-looking child be undernourished?

Ameya’s parents were shocked. The doctor attributed the plump 12-year-old’s lack of concentration and attentiveness to malnutrition. How could a chubby-looking child from an upper class family be undernourished, they wondered? Obviously Ameya’s parents have mistaken their obese child to be healthy. And obese child usually grows up to become an obese adult. What are… [ Continue Reading ]

Pattern recognition helps babies develop language skills

It sometimes seems amazing how infants pick up the threads of human language. Do you wonder how infants form their own patterns of speech? According to a report in the Hindu newspaper, babies have an innate ability to track the patterns with which sounds or syllables appear together in adult speech. The report, which is… [ Continue Reading ]

The Development of your Baby- Part II

Physical development Your child’s growth rate reduces in the second year of life. Don’t get worried if her appetite also declines. She must have started walking by the first year, though this is not a hard and fast rule. Highly active, fearless infants tend to walk earlier; less active, more timid infants and those preoccupied… [ Continue Reading ]

Development Profile of children by Age

For the sake of convenience and easy reference, the major areas of development in a child have been grouped according to age. One month profile Turns towards the source of light, tries to fix his gaze on the mother or any object nearby like a toy, and briefly follows a light source. A sudden sound… [ Continue Reading ]

Thumbsucking: A Comfort Habit

My niece Bhawna mumbled while sleeping and I turned around to give her a good night kiss. I found Bhawna sucking her thumb even in deep slumber. Bhawna is three years old and has not been able to get rid of this habit. It worries her parents a lot. They often wonder if it is… [ Continue Reading ]