Surviving a Long-distance Marriage

Sunil and Rehana dread Sunday nights. The couple married three years ago and a year later, Sunil, a management consultant, started travelling every week. Come Monday morning and he’s up at four to catch the six a.m. flight. He doesn’t return until late Thursday night. Sunday evening means the Monday morning taxi is only a… [ Continue Reading ]

Pregnancy test shows that you are Pregnant!

A home pregnancy test is truly a great invention, based on a bit of chemistry and ingenuity. A tiny splotch of colour informs you that you are well and truly pregnant. In the privacy of your bathroom, you can shriek with shock and disbelief or squeal with joy. A pathologist can, of course, give an… [ Continue Reading ]

To Live-In or Leave-Out?

Rushing past the grocery store, I ran in desperation to reach home. If I missed the electrician again, it’ll be one more cosy, and anything but little, night with the mosquitoes. But even in my eagerness to reach home, I couldn’t help notice the frown on the ‘grocer uncle’s’ otherwise cheerful face. He never missed… [ Continue Reading ]

Connect With Your Better Half

“It makes me feel good to be alive” “It stimulates me.” “It’s better than making love.” Is ‘it’ a wonder drug? No, in fact these people are describing the effects of an age-old potion, one that cannot be bottled by any pharmaceutical company. ‘It’ is a feeling of bonding, of being in sync with your… [ Continue Reading ]