Is Your Child Being Stalked?

Your child is just three clicks away from a paedophile. Shocked? You need to be. A recent report in the Newsweek magazine says that the Internet houses an underground network of paedophile rings where children are lured into sexual meetings, and abused for the production and distribution of child pornography. The report enlists a number… [ Continue Reading ]

Seven Commandments for Internet Safety

In an age when most children grow up with a considerable articulation of their individuality, parents are faced with a challenging task. They need to nurture the feeling of self confidence in their children and yet recognise the innocence accompanying it. For it is this innocence of the ways of the world that often land… [ Continue Reading ]

Primary Students on the Web

Ms. VaReane Heese, an American teacher, shares her experiences about using the Internet either in the classroom or as an active tool in the learning/teaching process. When our district was considering a technology adoption, one school board member was definitely for the purchase of computers and all the connections. However, he was definitely against placing… [ Continue Reading ]

Why are our Children Manipulated by the Media?

In the 1980s it was the bane of American society – manipulation of children. To the marketeer, of course, it’s a golden opportunity – children are easy targets and very lucrative ones. In China, since the single baby law, we have a generation of “Little Emperors” who are pampered and spoilt, and, most importantly for… [ Continue Reading ]

Net Signs to Watch Out For

The Internet is undoubtedly a universe that promises information on anything and everything under the sun. “Look on the Net if you want something,” has become the general refrain. For children particularly, it seems to be a way of discovering many things for themselves – on their own. And yet, this very freedom sometimes unwittingly… [ Continue Reading ]