Fever in newborn babies

Fever in a newborn could be caused by: Exposure to extreme temperatures. Excessive clothing. Dehydration, especially if the child has not been fed for long. Infection. High fever upto 102 degrees Fahrenheit in a newborn could be dangerous and needs immediate management. Even before you see your paediatrician. Take off your baby’s clothes and sponge… [ Continue Reading ]

Finger and Toe Injuries in children

Fingers and toes pain a lot when hurt. That is because they are supplied with a rich network of nerves which transmit messages of pain to the brain making the child acutely aware of them. Apart from tiny burns and cuts on the fingers, the most usual injury involves bruising under the nail. Fingers could… [ Continue Reading ]

Burns and Scalds on children: Response & Precaution

Burns affect more than what is visible. The heat penetrates into blood vessels below the skin, dilating them, thus making the plasma (the colourless part of the blood) escape. In a minor burn, the escaped plasma gets trapped in a blister. In a burn that removes the skin altogether, plasma bleeds from the raw area…. [ Continue Reading ]

Garments for the Visually Impaired

A fashion designer named Wendell Rodricks launched his Visionnaire collection in Mumbai recently. The garments look like any other fashionable range. There are ready-to-wear tunics, palazzos, sarongs, wrap-arounds, halters, shirts and accessories for men and women. But if you look closer, you will notice that they have interesting patterns embroidered on them. These are actually… [ Continue Reading ]