Ready Reckoner for parents who want to travel with children

Children are wonderful travel companions. They are curious, enthusiastic and adventurous. They carry no intellectual baggage. Their eyes look at everything with that wonderful curiosity which makes a sky look blue, a leaf green and a kingfisher such a magnificent bird to watch. I have a 10-year-old daughter, Megha. I have been travelling with her… [ Continue Reading ]

Places to See with Your Curious Preschooler

If your preschooler is at that wriggly wiggly, thousand-questions-a-minute stage, then you know its time to get out of the house and playground, and explore the world beyond. And this doesn’t just mean visits to those “compulsory” places like the zoo, natural history museum, planetarium, or even the railway museum. Your child, and you too,… [ Continue Reading ]

Surviving a Long-distance Marriage

Sunil and Rehana dread Sunday nights. The couple married three years ago and a year later, Sunil, a management consultant, started travelling every week. Come Monday morning and he’s up at four to catch the six a.m. flight. He doesn’t return until late Thursday night. Sunday evening means the Monday morning taxi is only a… [ Continue Reading ]

Tips for traveling with kids

Beat boredom: Take along plenty of games and toys which your child can play with in a bus, train, car or plane. Magnetic boards that double up as blackboards are great. So are small 4 to 6-piece puzzles. Crayons and felt-pens are great for do-anywhere, anytime activities. Remember to take along plenty of used-on-one-side-only paper… [ Continue Reading ]

Pregnancy test shows that you are Pregnant!

A home pregnancy test is truly a great invention, based on a bit of chemistry and ingenuity. A tiny splotch of colour informs you that you are well and truly pregnant. In the privacy of your bathroom, you can shriek with shock and disbelief or squeal with joy. A pathologist can, of course, give an… [ Continue Reading ]

Can kids tell the difference between advertisements and truth?

A recent television commercial on the small screen in India cocks a snook at general advertising practice of arrogating the most outrageous claims to products. This soft drink ad adopts the ploy of showing an ad being filmed in which a female model is shown lathering her hair with a soft drink, saying how the… [ Continue Reading ]