Jungle Party

Theme: Jungle Party

You can have the jungle theme indoors or outdoors.

Jungle Party

Jungle Party [Illustration by Shinod AP]


Ask the children to come dressed as any animal, bird or insect. They can also become trees, bushes or flowers.


Keep a lot of plants in the room where you will be organising the party. You can also hire artificial waterfall. If you can collect some round stones, which are found near the riverbed, it would add to your d├ęcor. Otherwise some of the nature shops have a readymade rockery, which you can buy.

If you have an iron hook fixed in the ceiling of your room, then you can consider hanging a rope, which the children can use to swing like the monkeys do on the banyan tree.

Collect some animal pictures from old calendars or posters. Cut and stick them on cardboard. You can now place them behind the plants and bushes in the room.

Start with a jungle song as the background music and then gradually move on to the light numbers.

As return gifts you can give animal shape erasers, tiffin boxes, jungle book colouring books, animal masks, stuff toy animals, animal stickers and tattoos, pencil colours and crayons.