Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E, which is known to be a water born disease, was discovered in 1990.

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E [Consultant Gynaecologist]

Incubation period

Usually two to nine weeks.

Age group

It mainly affects young adults, between 15 to 40 years.


Hepatitis E thrives in hot climes where water or food is contaminated by faeces containing the virus.


Acute viral hepatitis E is usually a self-limiting disease, lasting for a period of several weeks, which is followed by recovery. In some cases, it becomes a severe form, particularly in pregnant women. The infection may induce abortion, intra-uterine foetal death and high perinatal morbidity and mortality.

Prevention measures

  • There is no specific treatment for hepatitis E, it can only be prevented.
  • Ensure safe drinking water to the community and adequate sewage disposal.
  • Make sure that people who handle food, especially in public eating joints, should take care of personal hygiene.
  • There is no Hepatitis E vaccine available as yet.