Attires of the World

Attires of the World

Attires of the World [Illustration by Shinod AP]

Theme: Attires around the world

This kind of a party can be arranged indoors and outdoors. And for people performing different functions, there can be different codes. For instance, those serving food may be asked to wear caps from different parts of the world. Or, the costumes can be matched to suit the cuisine that you are planning to serve.


Ask the children to come dressed in costumes of different countries. From the Indian saree, salwar kameez and dhoti-kurta, to the Japanese kimono, the Mexican tuxedo or the long white robes worn by the Arabs, called thobe.


  • Along with all the streamers and balloons, you can also put up different kinds of masks.
  • If you are in a mood to create a total ambience, decorate the walls with garments put up in innovative shapes – for instance, a long skirt can be put on the wall diagonally and pinned such that its entire width is displayed. Similarly, you can pin the trousers, hang the belts and the caps.The ideal thing to do is to visit a garment store and see how they display the clothes and you can do the same – or one better.

    For those of you who are based in Delhi, you can plan a trip to Shankar’s Doll’s Museum as an extension of the party theme. Here children can see a mind-boggling variety of dolls in different kinds of costumes.