Surviving a Long-distance Marriage

Sunil and Rehana dread Sunday nights. The couple married three years ago and a year later, Sunil, a management consultant, started travelling every week. Come Monday morning and he’s up at four to catch the six a.m. flight. He doesn’t return until late Thursday night. Sunday evening means the Monday morning taxi is only a… [ Continue Reading ]

Home Remedies From the Kitchen Shelf

Ginger doses External application of half a teaspoon of dry ginger powder with hot water over eyebrows and forehead gives relief in headache. One teaspoon of crushed fresh ginger rhizome juice with one teaspoon honey, thrice daily, for seven days, gives relief in bronchial asthma, corzya, and congestion. To cure indigestion, take one teaspoon of… [ Continue Reading ]

Violent Video Games: Do they desensitise young minds to violence?

Violence in the media sometimes begs for imitation in real life because it is demonstrated as fun and as an effective way to get what you want. Many violent acts are perpetrated by the “good guy” whom children have been taught to emulate. A video game has an added attraction – it frees you from… [ Continue Reading ]

Hill Tales by the Lakeside

Remember the movie ‘The Sound of Music’? One of my most vivid childhood memories of the film was about the picturesque lake where Maria (Julie Andrews) takes her young charges boating, with snow-covered mountains in the background. Years later, the memory assumed reality when I went to Nainital, in the Kumaon hills of Uttar Pradesh…. [ Continue Reading ]

Is the baby’s milk bottle safe?

You have prepared milk for your child and you fill his feeding bottle with it. The baby gulps it down with an obvious delight. Then you sterilise the bottle. But, is that enough? It isn’t, according to a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) report. The report cites evidence found during a study commissioned by the Department… [ Continue Reading ]

Is Your Child Being Stalked?

Your child is just three clicks away from a paedophile. Shocked? You need to be. A recent report in the Newsweek magazine says that the Internet houses an underground network of paedophile rings where children are lured into sexual meetings, and abused for the production and distribution of child pornography. The report enlists a number… [ Continue Reading ]