Places to See with Your Curious Preschooler

If your preschooler is at that wriggly wiggly, thousand-questions-a-minute stage, then you know its time to get out of the house and playground, and explore the world beyond. And this doesn’t just mean visits to those “compulsory” places like the zoo, natural history museum, planetarium, or even the railway museum. Your child, and you too,… [ Continue Reading ]

Tips for traveling with kids

Beat boredom: Take along plenty of games and toys which your child can play with in a bus, train, car or plane. Magnetic boards that double up as blackboards are great. So are small 4 to 6-piece puzzles. Crayons and felt-pens are great for do-anywhere, anytime activities. Remember to take along plenty of used-on-one-side-only paper… [ Continue Reading ]

The Saga of School Admissions

It’s that time of the year again — when thousands of children in Indian cities go through that mind-numbing sieving process called “school admissions”. Parents get nightmares just thinking about it. The thought of being tested, interviewed and judged, so many years after escaping that ordeal in school, is enough to drive most moms and… [ Continue Reading ]