Kings and Gods

Theme: The Ancients

If kings and queens of ancient civilisations, gods and goddesses of different cultures around the world got together on a sunny day, what would they talk about? The past or the present! This theme can lead to the most fascinating party that you could think of for a brood of enthusiastic children.

Kings and Gods

Kings and Gods [Illustration by Shinod AP]


Ask the children to do some research on the “character” they want to come as – an Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Arjuna, Draupadi or Hanuman, Hercules, Henry VIII or King Harishchandra…

The interesting part will be to create fancy headgears and crowns out of cardboard to suit a particular attire. the children can try out some cosmetic jewellery as well.


To give your modern-day house the look and feel of palatial dimensions, you will need to work a little bit. To start with, drape the room well with curtains. If you have satin curtains it would be ideal.

You can hire decorative chairs to give an opulent look. You don’t have to look far; the thrones that the bride and groom sit upon during wedding receptions in India, will do the trick!

It might be an interesting idea to create an imaginative chandelier. A red durrie or carpet can be spread out, literally.

Traditional paintings can be hung on the walls. If you have articles made out of brass, then you can use them as props. Use steel cutlery and plates – polish them so that they shine like silver.

Create an interesting musical contrast by playing traditional instrumental music in the beginning and switch over to to Indipop or rock and roll and see the young queens and kings jive to today’s tunes.