Have you planned a nursery for your baby?

What would you need to plan a nursery for the new baby. You’d be better off organizing all this well in advance. Here is a list to start you off:

  • Bassinet or cradle (on wheels or a rocker) for a newborn
  • Crib with a snug-fitting mattress
  • Bumper pads to cushion crib sides
  • Waterproof mattress pads (two to four)
  • Fitted sheets (three or four)
  • Crib wedge
  • Lamp
  • Crib light
  • Baby monitor
  • Mobile
  • Vaporiser
  • Diaper pail
  • Rocker or cosy chair for you to sit on during feedings
  • Chest of drawers for baby clothes
  • Trays for changing/feeding supplies