Polka Dot Party

Theme: Polka Dot

This kind of party can be arranged both indoors and outdoors.

Polka Dot

Polka Dot [Illustration by Shinod AP]


Ask the kids to come dressed in clothes that have polka dots on them. They could be big or small, on a skirt or a frock.


Naturally if the theme is polka dot, then everything in the room should also be dotted.

You can start with the curtains. If you have polka dot curtains then use those or else on any other curtains you can stick ‘bindis’ to give the polka effect.

You can cut coloured paper into round shape and then stick it to the balloons. For small dots, take a punching machine and punch out some paper. You will get small round pieces that you can stick on to the balloon. You can also put dots on streamers to decorate the ceiling and the walls.

Use a polka tablecloth for the table.

The birthday caps and the wrapping sheet that you would use to wrap the return gifts could also be polka dotted.

Music should be catchy and rhythmic. You could play various children’s
songs or tracks from party song albums.