What clothes will your new baby need?

Have you planned the clothes you baby will need when you bring her back from the hospital? What about the clothes that she will need during the first few months? Here is a list to start you off.

Home from the hospital gear:

  • Travel outfit (jacket, hat, blanket and coverall with legs to accommodate car seat restraint)
  • Newborn car seat (rear-facing for safety)

Gear for the first six months:

  • Shirts that can be tied on the side
  • Pants (two or three pairs)
  • Footed Coveralls (two)
  • Short-sleeve bodysuits with snaps at the crotch (five to seven)
  • Sweaters (one or two; more during winter months)
  • Booties or socks (two pairs)
  • Caps (two or three) for the winter.
  • Crib blankets (two)
  • Stroller or car seat blanket (heavier than the other blankets)
  • Diapers (a dozen disposable/cloth per day for newborns)
  • Burp cloths (two or three)