What is autism?

What is autism? Autism is a brain disorder that makes it difficult for a person to respond to the world. It begins in early childhood and persists throughout adulthood. At first, autism was thought to be an attachment disorder resulting from poor parenting. This was proved a myth when it was found that autism sometimes… [ Continue Reading ]

Head and Face Injuries in children: Response & Precaution

Bumps in the head are quite common in young children and may scare you too. Usually they look serious and can be. But often, they are not. If your child’s head is bruised, hold a cloth wrung out in very cold water or an ice pack wrapped in a damp cloth over the bruise. This… [ Continue Reading ]

What will your baby need in the hospital?

  Three lightweight tops and bottoms. Do not buy yellow coloured clothes for the newborn since they are constantly observed for neonatal jaundice. Yellow coloured clothes will deter detection. Two dozens of cotton diapers and three small diaper covers Two washable bibs Diaper pins Disposable diapers Swaddle clothes If you are having a winter baby… [ Continue Reading ]

Finger and Toe Injuries in children

Fingers and toes pain a lot when hurt. That is because they are supplied with a rich network of nerves which transmit messages of pain to the brain making the child acutely aware of them. Apart from tiny burns and cuts on the fingers, the most usual injury involves bruising under the nail. Fingers could… [ Continue Reading ]

Snake People

The Snakes Around Us Written by Zai and Rom Whitaker Illustrations by Shekar Dattatri Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi This fascinating book gives us glimpses of the lives of the Irula tribals of Tamil Nadu, who are great snake catchers. The authors, who run a snake park in south India, have worked with… [ Continue Reading ]