Immunisation – Your Path to a Healthy Life

Many of us would waive an article of immunisation as irrelevant to us — the educated, fairly affluent members of the world community. And yet, our own personal experience has shown that even educated parents often ignore new vaccines, unaware how critical they can be to their child’s health. In today’s age, when we see… [ Continue Reading ]

Hepatitis B

Another infectious disease, Hepatitis B, which is caused by a virus, occurs largely among newborns and young children. High risk group People who are more likely to contract the disease are surgeons, recipients of blood transfusions, health care and laboratory personnel, prostitutes, drug abusers, infant of a carrier mother. Source of infection Contaminated blood and… [ Continue Reading ]

Sexually-transmitted Diseases

If you use a condom to keep AIDS away, you will also be safe from other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) too. For, AIDS is just one of the many STDs you could contract with unsafe sex. Of the more than 20 pathogens that may cause STD, the most commonly known are syphilis, gonorrhoea, chancroid, lymphogranuloma venerium,… [ Continue Reading ]