Swollen Ankles and Feet During Pregnancy

Swelling of the ankles and feet is normal up to a certain limit unless it is accompanied by high blood pressure and excessive weight gain. The average weight gain in pregnancy is about 10 to 12 kilograms. Part of the natural weight gain during pregnancy is due to water retention in the body. The water… [ Continue Reading ]

Headache During Pregnancy

A minor complaint during pregnancy, fortunately headache is not a very common problem. Though headaches during pregnancy are not very different from the ones that happen to non-pregnant women, the frequency and intensity is much higher in the former. Some women complain of severe headaches during the first trimester when they are going through the… [ Continue Reading ]

Stay Fit During Pregnancy

When my sister was carrying my nephew, all she did was look in the mirror and complain at the amount of weight she was putting on. Although she did go for walks in the evenings, her efforts were half-hearted as she was afraid of over-doing the exercise routine. She thought it might harm the baby…. [ Continue Reading ]

Alternative Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Crush and take one teaspoon of the juice of yellow drumstick leaves after food once a day. Mix one teaspoon ginger juice, one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon powdered cumin seeds. Take this once a day. Curds, raw onion, garlic and turmeric powder to be used regularly in the food also helps in reducing high… [ Continue Reading ]

Importance Of Antenatal Care

Antenatal care (also known as┬áPrenatal care) refers to the regular medical and nursing care recommended for women during pregnancy. The importance of antenatal care is often overdone in most households as the would-be mother is flooded with advice about what is right and what is wrong for her. When should you start? Make your first… [ Continue Reading ]