Headache During Pregnancy

A minor complaint during pregnancy, fortunately headache is not a very common problem. Though headaches during pregnancy are not very different from the ones that happen to non-pregnant women, the frequency and intensity is much higher in the former. Some women complain of severe headaches during the first trimester when they are going through the… [ Continue Reading ]

Signs to Watch Out For During Pregnancy

Maya cannot forget her first pregnancy. She was young and careless. She preferred to go shopping than go for her regular checkup. She hated staying at home when her husband was away at work. But all this took its toll on her baby. In her ninth month, she realised that her baby was not moving…. [ Continue Reading ]

Avoid Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking is harmful, particularly during pregnancy. Here are a number of reasons to make you discontinue smoking: Excessive smoking causes a feeling of nausea. It slows down the baby’s growth. It can also increase the chances of a miscarriage, or may even lead to stillbirth. The carbon monoxide, nicotine and cyanide from cigarettes put the… [ Continue Reading ]