Fever in newborn babies

Fever in a newborn could be caused by: Exposure to extreme temperatures. Excessive clothing. Dehydration, especially if the child has not been fed for long. Infection. High fever upto 102 degrees Fahrenheit in a newborn could be dangerous and needs immediate management. Even before you see your paediatrician. Take off your baby’s clothes and sponge… [ Continue Reading ]

Symptoms of Fits in newborn babies

In newborns, a sudden twitching of the eyes or lips, flickering of the fingers, repeated yawning, rapid eye blinking or sudden stiffening of the body are referred to as fits. These symptoms could be caused by either decreased levels of glucose or calcium in the blood, brain damage during a difficult delivery (especially if the… [ Continue Reading ]

Conjunctivitis in a newborn child

Redness, swelling and watering of the eyes usually indicates conjunctivitis in a newborn and is not an unusual phenomenon in this age group. Even 1% solution of silver nitrate eye drops, which was prescribed for new borns earlier, could cause chemical conjunctivitis. It has now been scientifically proven that silver nitrate sometimes causes conjunctivitis instead… [ Continue Reading ]