What to expect on ‘your’ labour Day

The overnight bag is by the door. The labour and childbirth book you are reading is open to “Labour.” Your contractions are five minutes apart, and as you climb into the car, you know exactly what awaits you… and pigs can fly. No matter how many books you’ve read or how many hours you’ve spent… [ Continue Reading ]

Symptoms of Fits in newborn babies

In newborns, a sudden twitching of the eyes or lips, flickering of the fingers, repeated yawning, rapid eye blinking or sudden stiffening of the body are referred to as fits. These symptoms could be caused by either decreased levels of glucose or calcium in the blood, brain damage during a difficult delivery (especially if the… [ Continue Reading ]

Duration And Frequency Of Feeding Your Baby

I got a call from Ria. Her baby was not feeding properly, she said. I asked her about her child’s feeding habits. “I feed every two hours,” she said. “And what if she wants food in between,” I asked. Ria had been giving her daughter glucose water whenever she cried in between feeds. No wonder… [ Continue Reading ]