Diet for the Breastfeeding Mother

After months of looking forward to her birth, your baby is finally with you. But you also feel it’s high time you got back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. Hold on! Now you are breastfeeding and the baby depends on you for all her nutrition and growth. It is your responsibility to ensure that you take… [ Continue Reading ]

Pregnancy Diet Pyramid: What to eat when you are pregnant

It’s time you took a long hard look at your diet and told yourself that you need to change some of your eating habits. Now, eating is not just about filling your stomach, but feeding two people. Yes, you’re right – sounds like loads of food. And to some extent, it is. But you needn’t… [ Continue Reading ]

Make a creative holiday plan with your kids

Summer’s approaching and you don’t want to take your children to meet relatives yet again – they’re also bored with that. You’ve also been to all the beaches nearby; the hill stations around your city, including the fun parks, so now you want to give them more than that. You know that India is a… [ Continue Reading ]

Hamid Buys an Eid Present

Festival of Eid English translation of ‘Eidgah'(Hindi) Written by Munshi Premchand Translated by Khushwant Singh Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi Translated by the veteran columnist and writer, Khushwant Singh, Festival of Eid retains the compelling essence of the original work. This well illustrated book tells the story of Eid, as it is celebrated… [ Continue Reading ]

Boyhood by the Sea

Suresh and the Sea Written by Raghavendra Rao and Sandhya Rao Photos by Raghavendra Rao Published by Tulika, Chennai This book traces the real-life story of a boy through his growing years in his native fishing village, Injambakkam. The author, Raghavendra Rao, tells of how Suresh taught him to look at the sea with new… [ Continue Reading ]