Burns and Scalds on children: Response & Precaution

Burns affect more than what is visible. The heat penetrates into blood vessels below the skin, dilating them, thus making the plasma (the colourless part of the blood) escape. In a minor burn, the escaped plasma gets trapped in a blister. In a burn that removes the skin altogether, plasma bleeds from the raw area…. [ Continue Reading ]

Signs to Watch Out For During Pregnancy

Maya cannot forget her first pregnancy. She was young and careless. She preferred to go shopping than go for her regular checkup. She hated staying at home when her husband was away at work. But all this took its toll on her baby. In her ninth month, she realised that her baby was not moving…. [ Continue Reading ]

Frequency Visits to the Loo

Suman has been named the most toilet-friendly person at home because she visits the loo so often. She is into her third month of pregnancy. And whenever she is out of home, she is constantly looking for a toilet everywhere. Suman’s is a very common problem in pregnancy. In the early stages, the fetus releases… [ Continue Reading ]