What are Special Foods? Diet Advice for Pregnant Women

When we say special foods, we are referring to anything that is not artificial – it has no preservatives or additives and is in sync with nature. Times are changing and most people have little or no time to cook complete meals. They prefer fast foods and do not mind if they are frozen or… [ Continue Reading ]

Can’t Breast feed Your Baby?

If your problem is related to your inability to feed due to sore or cracked nipples, try massaging edible oil or ghee on it. This will soften the nipples and will make you get used to your baby’s suckling. Also try to be as comfortable as you can when the baby is suckling. Try to… [ Continue Reading ]

This diet can help with Heartburn during Pregnancy

Heartburn is caused by the uterus pushing against the stomach, forcing acid into the oesophagus. Here are a few points to keep in mind while planning a diet for yourself. Lemonade or ‘nimbu paani’ with honey makes a refreshing drink at any time of the day. Try eating small but frequent meals. Do not be… [ Continue Reading ]

Pregnancy Diet When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is characterised by excessive amounts of sugar in the blood and urine. People who suffer from diabetes may have high levels of thirst, hunger and may suffer from weight loss. A few do and don’ts As the sugar levels are always very high, introduce a variety of bitter foods in the diet of a… [ Continue Reading ]

Diet for Pregnancy with Hypertension

If you are pregnant and suffer from hypertension, you may need to watch your salt intake regularly. Consult your gynaecologist for specific instructions concerning your salt and sodium intake. A systematic evaluation of your diet will allow you to identify areas that need specific changes, and that will help alleviate the problem to quite an… [ Continue Reading ]