Head and Face Injuries in children: Response & Precaution

Bumps in the head are quite common in young children and may scare you too. Usually they look serious and can be. But often, they are not. If your child’s head is bruised, hold a cloth wrung out in very cold water or an ice pack wrapped in a damp cloth over the bruise. This… [ Continue Reading ]

Nausea Attacks in the First Trimester

The heroine runs out of the room with her hand on her mouth. Her parents look thunderstruck. And then it hits them. Their daughter is pregnant. Thanks to Hindi movies, few aspects of pregnancy are as well known as morning sickness. The term morning sickness is actually a misnomer since it can strike at any… [ Continue Reading ]

Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever looks a lot like dengue haemorrhagic fever and is transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. It also affects monkeys and other vertebrates and is caused by a virus called Flavivirus Fibricus. A patient suffering from yellow fever remains infective during the first three to four days of illness and a mosquito becomes infective after… [ Continue Reading ]