What is autism?

What is autism? Autism is a brain disorder that makes it difficult for a person to respond to the world. It begins in early childhood and persists throughout adulthood. At first, autism was thought to be an attachment disorder resulting from poor parenting. This was proved a myth when it was found that autism sometimes… [ Continue Reading ]

Look for Signs of Autism

News of an autistic disorder in your child could be like a bolt from the blue. Why weren’t we told about it earlier, you wonder. Though that would not have reduced the intensity of the problem, it would have given you time to prepare yourself to face the situation head on. Besides, like any other… [ Continue Reading ]

The Need for a Support Group

In the last decade-and-a-half, in India, as the spotlight has been turned on the needs of the child, the issue of parenting has assumed significant dimensions. The idea of sharing experiences and information relating to the many aspects of child development and nurture, has gained ground. It is this search for community that has brought… [ Continue Reading ]