Symptoms of Pregnancy

You are feeling giddy and nauseus. Your menstrual cycle has been delayed. Things don’t seem quite right. You might be pregnant. Your gynaecologist will, of course, give an official confirmation, but in the meanwhile you could try a home pregnancy test too. Early symptoms Absence of menstrual periods: Although this is one of the first… [ Continue Reading ]

Nausea Attacks in the First Trimester

The heroine runs out of the room with her hand on her mouth. Her parents look thunderstruck. And then it hits them. Their daughter is pregnant. Thanks to Hindi movies, few aspects of pregnancy are as well known as morning sickness. The term morning sickness is actually a misnomer since it can strike at any… [ Continue Reading ]

The Pregnant Working Woman

For many pregnant women these days, economic needs dictate that she continues with her job till very late into pregnancy. A normal healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy and a normal fetus may continue to work without interruption until the onset of labour, as long as the job does not involve too many risks. A… [ Continue Reading ]