Nausea Attacks in the First Trimester

The heroine runs out of the room with her hand on her mouth. Her parents look thunderstruck. And then it hits them. Their daughter is pregnant. Thanks to Hindi movies, few aspects of pregnancy are as well known as morning sickness. The term morning sickness is actually a misnomer since it can strike at any… [ Continue Reading ]

Changes in the Internal Organs during pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones bring about changes to almost every part of your body, both externally and internally. Uterus An average uterus measures seven centimetres in length, five centimetres in width and is over two centimetres thick. At full term, it can measure as much as 38 centimetres in length, 25 centimetres in width and 20 centimetres… [ Continue Reading ]

Backache During Pregnancy

Shoma is a computer professional and is doing very well in her career. She spends a lot of time in the office crouched in front of her terminal. Recently, she has developed lower backache that is bothering her a lot. Backache is a common problem during pregnancy. It is caused by certain pregnancy hormones which… [ Continue Reading ]

Taking Care of your Pregnant Body

Do you wonder why the shampoo that you have been using for the past five years suddenly makes your hair limp; and your face appears darker than usual? These are changes that you cannot avoid in pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones bring about changes to almost every part of the body, including your breasts, skin, hair, teeth… [ Continue Reading ]