Thrush in babies: white or creamy yellow patches on the cheeks

One of the most common mouth infections, thrush appears as white or creamy yellow patches on the inner cheeks, tongue or the roof of the mouth. It makes the baby’s mouth sore and feeding becomes painful. If you notice thrush in your child’s mouth, contact a doctor immediately. Causes It is caused by a yeast… [ Continue Reading ]

Suckling Difficulties: Not all babies suckle easily and naturally

Most babies suckle easily and naturally. They are born with the suckling reflex. To start the suckling reflex, a stimulus has to touch the baby’s hard palate. The stimulus is provided by the nipple, which has to be offered to the baby. But, occasionally a baby has to learn to suck. Especially in cases where… [ Continue Reading ]

Care of the Breasts during pregnancy

Soap should not be used on nipples as it removes natural oils. Wear a bra with a good support, usually one size bigger than the usual size. If the nipples are small or retracted, pull them out gently from side to side and from above and below during the second trimester. Small and retracted nipples… [ Continue Reading ]