Symptoms of Fits in newborn babies

In newborns, a sudden twitching of the eyes or lips, flickering of the fingers, repeated yawning, rapid eye blinking or sudden stiffening of the body are referred to as fits. These symptoms could be caused by either decreased levels of glucose or calcium in the blood, brain damage during a difficult delivery (especially if the… [ Continue Reading ]


Dengue is caused by a virus which is usually transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus mosquitoes and could lead attacks in three forms. Classical dengue fever Dengue haemorrhagic fever with shock. Dengue haemorrhagic fever without shock. Dengue epidemics, which have affected more than 100 countries all over the world, happen in overcrowded urban… [ Continue Reading ]

The Law and Disability

People’s attitude to the world of the disabled is changing rapidly. This is perhaps due to a greater understanding of the disability movement or the impact that people with disabilities make when they display their skills. All this has led to the disabled community being looked at with respect rather than with pity. It has… [ Continue Reading ]

Is the baby’s milk bottle safe?

You have prepared milk for your child and you fill his feeding bottle with it. The baby gulps it down with an obvious delight. Then you sterilise the bottle. But, is that enough? It isn’t, according to a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) report. The report cites evidence found during a study commissioned by the Department… [ Continue Reading ]

Finger and Toe Injuries in children

Fingers and toes pain a lot when hurt. That is because they are supplied with a rich network of nerves which transmit messages of pain to the brain making the child acutely aware of them. Apart from tiny burns and cuts on the fingers, the most usual injury involves bruising under the nail. Fingers could… [ Continue Reading ]