Miscarriage or Abortion

Rima was expecting and was advised bed rest as she had had a miscarriage earlier. One night she woke up with stomach cramps in the seventh week of pregnancy and began bleeding. It was happening again despite all that rest. An abortion is caused by Malformation: Many spontaneous early abortions are caused by defective development… [ Continue Reading ]

Stay Fit During Pregnancy

When my sister was carrying my nephew, all she did was look in the mirror and complain at the amount of weight she was putting on. Although she did go for walks in the evenings, her efforts were half-hearted as she was afraid of over-doing the exercise routine. She thought it might harm the baby…. [ Continue Reading ]

Signs to Watch Out For During Pregnancy

Maya cannot forget her first pregnancy. She was young and careless. She preferred to go shopping than go for her regular checkup. She hated staying at home when her husband was away at work. But all this took its toll on her baby. In her ninth month, she realised that her baby was not moving…. [ Continue Reading ]

Don’t Worry Be Happy

The old wives tale about cheerful women delivering healthy babies seems to be true. The American Psychological Association has announced research showing that optimism can reduce the chance of delivering low birth weight or pre-term babies for medically high-risk pregnant women. Psychologist Marci Lobel and her colleagues examined 129 pregnant women between 20 and 43… [ Continue Reading ]

Avoid Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking is harmful, particularly during pregnancy. Here are a number of reasons to make you discontinue smoking: Excessive smoking causes a feeling of nausea. It slows down the baby’s growth. It can also increase the chances of a miscarriage, or may even lead to stillbirth. The carbon monoxide, nicotine and cyanide from cigarettes put the… [ Continue Reading ]

Importance Of Antenatal Care

Antenatal care (also known as┬áPrenatal care) refers to the regular medical and nursing care recommended for women during pregnancy. The importance of antenatal care is often overdone in most households as the would-be mother is flooded with advice about what is right and what is wrong for her. When should you start? Make your first… [ Continue Reading ]

Iron and Vitamin Tablets during pregnancy

The requirement of iron and vitamins increases during pregnancy and the effort should be to get these naturally by the addition of iron and vitamin rich foods to your diet. After all, the word ‘vitamin’ was invented only in 1912. Most doctors do, however, prescribe some iron and vitamin tablets during pregnancy to ensure adequate… [ Continue Reading ]

Taking Care of your Pregnant Body

Do you wonder why the shampoo that you have been using for the past five years suddenly makes your hair limp; and your face appears darker than usual? These are changes that you cannot avoid in pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones bring about changes to almost every part of the body, including your breasts, skin, hair, teeth… [ Continue Reading ]